Standard Ethics


SE logo Standard Ethics is a London-based independent sustainability rating company that provides a comparable and standardized rating system suited to a modern rating agency in terms of methodology, long-term evaluations and fairness: the Standard Ethics Rating (SER).

My EU public affairs activities within “Standard Ethics” has encompassed strategic advice and expertise on Sustainability, Social Responsibility, CSR and Governance, local and urban sustainable development.
2015: Representative in Brussels
2014: Partner & Chief EU Adviser at Standard Ethics Ltd.
2010-13: EU Affairs Director of Standard Ethics network
2007-09: Partner and EU Senior Advisor at AEI-Standard Ethics EEIG
European Sustainability Day in Florence (2011 and 2012)
Event Partner of Festival d’Europa 2013 in Florence
Strategic Advice to Confservizi – Federambiente – Fondazione Rubes Triva

EU projects:  Discerno & DiscernoPlus (CEEP)PRO-EFP & SDEED (Diesis)